Road Grading in Bancroft

If you are looking for a contractor who specializes in land, road, and driveway preparation, look no further than the road grader experts at Oakwood Contracting Inc. Our backhoes and loaders are exceptional, but it is our expertise that truly sets us apart. To request our services, simply call us at (905) 743-0000 today.


For Those in Search of a Contractor Who Specializes in Land Grading

Whether it is a driveway, a private path, a parking lot, or a public road, one thing is certain: The road must be smooth every inch of the way. Potholes, ruts, and uneven ground have the potential to make for more than just a bumpy ride. They’re a liability to vehicles, road equipment, and drivers.

If you’re looking for a contractor whose grading services have the guarantee of a smooth surface, contact us today.

We Are the Road and Lot Grading Team with 25 Years of Experience

Whether you need to restore your gravel driveway to its original condition, or your property needs a new point of entry, we can help you. When it comes to trenching, excavation, landscaping, and road grading, no group compares to us.

Are you unsure whether or not you need to call a grader operator? Our graders are requested for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • Installing New Gravel Roads
  • Road Repair and Maintenance
  • Land Grading
  • Commercial, Agricultural, and Residential Property Maintenance
  • Correcting Slope Problems
  • Ground Preparation for Lawn Installation
  • Spreading Aggregate Over Land

Private Road Construction and Driveway Development

Are you eager to develop a private roadway on your extensive property? Simply call us. We will handle your road project from start to finish. We’ll prepare the new road, make sure it has optimal water drainage capabilities, and cover it with the aggregate of your choosing.

Our Driveway Grader Will Correct Past Mistakes

We’ll fill those unwanted potholes, smooth out those uneven patches, and more! Driveway resurfacing is one of our most requested services.

Removing potholes is a 4-tier process, beginning with the ripping and scarifying of the existing gravel driveway. This step is then repeated in an S-pattern. The grader than grades the driveway, followed by the smoothing process.

Flexible Scheduling Options for All Road Construction Services

As homeowners and full-time workers, ourselves, we know how hard it can be to pencil in a visit from a contractor. In the interest of keeping our services convenient, we do our best to work around your busy schedule. Just let us know what time works best for you, and we will work with your availability.

Need us to perform some gravel driveway repair on a Saturday afternoon or Friday morning? Just let us know!

Call the Road Grading Experts at Oakwood Contracting Inc Today!

Whether you need to resurface your property’s driveway, or you are looking to install private roadways through your expansive piece of land, call us at (905) 743-0000. We can’t wait to hear from you!